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Paint Gel - INDIGO Nails

Paint Gel

Black Paint Gel

Decorating gel with the consistency of acrylic paints! INDIGO Black Paint Gel formula makes the gel work exactly as acrylic paints. Every pattern you desire is within your reach. 

  • Doesn't shrink! You can easily create a design to express your imagination.
  • Perform detailed decorations, create ornamental design with thin lines.
  •  One stroke nail art is possible with INDIGO Paint. Can it be more beautiful?
  • Leaves a sticky layer dispersion ideal for decorating with foil transfer, which is applied on the hardened pattern - in a moment you get a unique decoration.
  • LED - 30 seconds
  • UV - 2 minutes
  • 8ml

Extremely Black Paint Gel will please fans of the ornament nails. Decorating gel with the consistency of acrylic paint! It allows you to make precise decorating - Bizu, ornaments, zawijaski, thin lines, aztec design. You can use it as a gel color to cover the entire nail to get an ultra-black effect of nails.

Black Gel Paint with Foil Transfer

  1. Apply Black Gel Paint in the design you choose.
  2. Cure UV - 2min, 30s LED
  3. Cut your foil to the size of the nail/decoration.
  4. Apply the foil to the design, press firmly and lift off.  The foil will stick to the dispersion layer.
  5. Apply your top coat.



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