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Nail Polish Base & Top Coats - INDIGO Nails

Nail Polish Base & Top Coats

Base Coat - containing vinyl!

  • prolongs the nail polish durability – makes the application easy – strengthens the natural nail, smooths the natural nail plate – evens the imperfections
  • it makes the surface of the application perfectly smooth – protects the plate from discolouring – prolongs the time of nail polish wearing

Diamond Base

Diamond crystals include rare and valuable elements which work as a defensive armour and improve condition of the nail plate.

If applied regularly, the diamond base strengthens breakable nails and makes it possible to obtain dreamed-of length of a visible free edge. Applied under a layer of polish it lengthens the time of carrying colour on nails.

Top Coat

Top becomes dry in an instant!
- 30 seconds on the natural plate and 20 seconds on acrylic nails - it shines beautifully, highlights the depth of the colour – contains micro-particles that protect the nails from mechanical damages – prolongs the time of nail polish wearing – it protects from nail polish fading at the free side of the nail
-protects the colour from intense sunlight and sunbed exposure – it can be used with traditional nail polish and as a finishing coat for the hybrid, gel and acrylic polishes. 

Nano Ceramic Top Coat

Patented formula - combination of ceramides, silica and aluminium oxide. The surface top with NANO gloss protects colour and nails.

NANO particles create extremely tight armour which makes it possible to lengthen the time of carrying a polish up to 7 days without chips!

Nail Therapy

Therapy for weak, destroyed nails. The Nail Therapy is a conditioner containing medically tested active components known for medicinal properties: Aesculus, complex of vitamins ACE, amino acids and extract from nettle.

If applied regularly, it visibly improves condition of a plate already after 4 weeks of use.