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Metal Manix Effect - Light Gold

Metal Manix Effect - Light Gold

We present you completely new powder which allows you to get chrome effect on your nails.

MetalManix makes come true dreams of women all over the world who dreamed about pure, mirror stylization. Allure everybody aroudn with unique, shining nail design.


Daring and extraordinary, feminine MetalManix Light Gold is a great idea for every event.

How to apply Metal Manix? Just like Mermaid Effect!

  • First step, spread Metal Manix Light Gold on dispersion layer of Sugar Effect or Paint Gel
  • Rub gently, roundly the powder
  • Remove excess of the powder with soft brush
  • Apply first, thin layer of polish gel top coat - we recommend Indigo Wet Look. Protect your stylization with two layers of polish coat, so it will last longer
  • Remove dispersion layer with Cleaner Super Shine Effect
  • wash your hands gently removing rest of powder from proximal nail fold



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