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Perfume - Girlfriend - INDIGO Nails


INDIGO Perfumes are the essence of luxury and absolute femininity. They have been created based on the highest quality perfumes, created in the care of the smallest details from specially selected natural oils and raw materials.

The best perfumes for women retain vital, essential characteristics. We offer 29 beautiful scents created by INDIGO from scratch, inspired by bestsellers world-famous perfumeries.

You might ask, is that not enough?  Equally important it is their durability, appropriate packaging and color all contained in a high quality women's perfume.

What particularly distinguishes our perfume for INDIGO Women? Each fragrance is composed of three basic elements - three fragrance notes that change, evolve, live while providing harmonious and uninterrupted process of developing the flavor.

Starting from the notes of the head, which we feel immediately after opening an INDIGO bottle of perfume.  A note of the heart, you feel after approx. 10 minutes from use of the perfume. 

Finally the note of depth, which with the passage of time, perfume undergoes another magical metamorphosis to the very end to reach to your musical base.

The color obtained in INDIGO perfume is completely natural as the result of a high concentration of essential oils.  These contain UV filters which affect the stabilization of the odor and increases their durability when worn.

Perfumes for INDIGO women stands resistance to light rays so that the scent is extremely durable. Luxury compositions were closed in elegant bottles designed to beautifully compliment your shelf.




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