Base & Top Coat UV Hybrid - INDIGO Nails
Base & Top Coat UV Hybrid - INDIGO Nails

Gel - Base & Top Coat UV Hybrid

Indigo Base & Top is a brilliant product that replaces dozens of others. It is very durable and beautifully pulls color depth. We can use it both as a base for styling and nail the top. It is universal - so well suited for rapid additions. It can be applied to natural and extended nails. With handy Base & Top we can correct deficiencies perfect finish and protect your work.  

Tip: The name "Base & Top" comes from the first collection varnish hybrid, where it served as the base and the top in one. The product has gained enormous popularity - stylist used it for hybrid, gel and acrylic.

  • LED - 30 seconds
  • UV - 2 minutes