INDIGO Nail Certification

Created by INDIGO Nails - Canada, our training programs are conducted by experienced INDIGO Educators. Trainings take place in small, intimate groups hosted by a friendly, fun atmosphere. Training is based on a high level of merit as well as practices where INDIGO Educators pay close attention to every participant - ready to assist.

Knowledge/skill of the students is verified with a written and practical exam dependent on the corresponding INDIGO Course. Once you have passed the exams, proving adequate qualifications, then you receive your INDIGO Certificate for that course.

Once you have registered then your Milady's Standard Nail Technology Manual is mailed to you along with a course outline for you to complete your mandatory, at home, pre-study.  The at home pre-study allows us to concentrate more in class time with hands on Gel & Acrylic Nail Enhancement Applications and Techniques.

Day 1: You exchange your Exam Review books with the other students so we can correct and discuss it in class.  We spend the remainder of the day setting up your nail tables and practicing smile lines.

Day 2: You will arrive with your model so your INDIGO Educator can demonstrate to you the varying types and applications of nail enhancements which include both tips and forms/sculpting.

Day 3: About two weeks later you come back with your models so your INDIGO Educator can show you how to do fixes and fills.  You are then off and running to practice as many sets of nails as you can to reduce your time to 2 hours or less.

Day 4: This is the Acrylic Add On for those who have also registered to take the INDIGO Gel & Acrylic Certification at the same time.

A more detailed description of what takes place during your training is mailed to you along with your Milady's Standard Nail Technology Manual with Exam Review once you register.  About a week before the start of class an "It's Almost Time" letter is sent out to all students with the time, place, requirements and things to remember for class.

Educated Topics:

  • History & Opportunities

  • Life Skills

  • Your Professional Image

  • Communicating for Success

  • Infection Control: Principals & Practices

  • Nail Structure & Growth

  • Nail Diseases & Disorders

  • Nail Product Chemistry Simplified

  • Manicuring

  • Electric Filing

  • Nail Tips

  • Monomer Liquid & Polymer Powder (Acrylic Registered Students)

  • UV Gels

  • On the Job

The INDIGO Student kits are the largest you will find in the industry that is included in the course cost and not in addition.  A lot of courses will have a very small student kit or none at all and expect you to buy it in addition.