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Illumination Gel Collection

INDIGO Illumination - Metallic gels with a cosmic aura!

While creating new colours we pay attention to the upcoming trends, environment and our client's suggestions. Now, we're inspired by... Universe!

INDIGO Illumination is a palette of metallic colours with a 'Gasoline Effect'.  The shades change dependent on the light and angle you are viewing them. Daring, metallic colours magnetize both fans of 'Space Odyssey' and cosmic nails! 

  • Illumination gels have a delicate texture - to achieve 100% coverage apply them on a dark base coat.
  • They're perfect for nail shading to mix them in optional combinations with all INDIGO Colour Gels, creating your own, unique colours 

Indigo Illumination is a selection of metallic colours with a double luminescsnce, which change their shade depending on the exposure to light.

These gels have very delicate structure – the effect is best after 1 coat of a dark gel plus 1 coat of a chosen Illumination gel.

They are astonishing for nail shading – you can combine them with all Indigo gels freely, creating your own unique colours.

UV: 2 min