Gel Brushes

One INDIGO brush lasts for years of work with proper care. Bristles stay elastic, in perfect form and does not bend on sides. It's precisely profiled - makes smile lines and movement among the cuticles much easier.

INDIGO Gel Brush #4 makes for ease of application in the cuticle area. It's recommended for beginners. Small, straight brush is perfect for 'ombre' and nail art.

INDIGO Gel Brush #6 is a universal size, most popular among Nail Stylists. Flexibility makes building with gel much easier.

INDIGO Gel Brush #8 is a larger size which increases application time.

INDIGO Giada Sassu Brush is made of synthetic bristle designed by Giada Sassu INDIGO Head Instructor in Italy. Gentle cat tongue for applying gel in the cuticle area. The bristles fold softly and spread without smudges. The most popular brush in the Italian market!