Gel Polish - Liquid Base Coat

Gel Polish - Liquid Base Coat

This base coat dedicated for Gel Polish can be completely dissolved in Lanoline Remover.

New, amazing base coat for demanding, natural nail plate can be dissolved in Lanoline Remover. If you want to create a gel polish manicure for a client with diaphoresis or hormonal imbalance than Liquid Base is a thing for you!

This product has a  thin consistency so it's advised to switch every other nail in UV Lamp and every two nails in LED Lamp when working.

The base coat creates a thick dispersive layer, which needs to be wiped after curing with a clean brush for gel or gently with a dry lintless swab. The dispersive layer should be removed with caution because wiping too much can influence a durability of the colour.

If the base is applied perfectly, the manicure can last up to 5 weeks.


Curing time:

  • LED lamp - 30 seconds
  • UV lamp - 2 minutes