Easy Shape Collection

The Easy Shape line is a unique collection of elastic consistency builder gels.  It was created for work in higher  temperature climates.

Easy Shape Rosy: Has a jelly like consistency - very thick yet tenderly soft 'under the brush' and wont spill out when you turn the pot upside down. It doesn't shrink when cured and filing takes only a few seconds. Transparent gel in a rose-peach shade.

Easy Shape Milky Pink: Thick gel with a unique mousse consistence in a milky transparent colour. One of its secret is the milky shade of this with 50% coverage.  You can create a delicate, soft french manicure with Easy Shape Milky Pink. This gel is irreplaceable to work with in every beauty salon. Spreads smoothly, files quickly.

Easy Shape Cover: With a fluffy pudding consistency you can apply cover on five nails before curing.  Does not change shape during polymerization time and is very smooth - easy to file.

Universal camouflage shade will work with every skin complexion.  It can be used for French Manicure, solid color for nude stylization and is perfect for wedding nail. Easy Shape Cover is elastic and durable.

Easy Shape Builder: A mid-thick gel with high surface tension. It's very soft and elastic - our trainees call it 'jelly'. Improves and makes your work more effective. doesn't overflow into cuticles and files smoothly.  Thanks to reduced polymerization temperature it protects clients against burning.