Cover Gels

Camouflage gels make all clients proud of their beautiful, long French manicure.

With INDIGO camouflage gels every stylist, beginner or experienced, can find something to suite their styles. Wide selection of UV gels allows adaptation of each product in your work mode. The high pigmentation covers perfectly along with diverse thickness and great adhesion guarantees comfortable work.

INDIGO Cover no.1 - The most natural shade of camouflage on the market. Easy application, no smudges with even pigment dispensation.
The secret of Cover no.1 is hidden in the very natural colour.

INDIGO Cover no.2 - This shade looks great with a dark tan. Perfect for women with a Mediterranean kind of beauty. Pigmentation is even, product doesn't leave smudges.  Cover no.2 is very popular among French and Italian women - it corresponds nicely with dark hair and tanned skin.

INDIGO Cover no.3 - A bright, pastel rose. Nails built from this gel are delicate and subtle. It's flexible and doesn't leave smudges.
Cover no.3 is popular in Sweden and Norway where 'nude' nails are always trendy.

INDIGO Cover no.4 - Peach nude shade with a warm tone fits every type of skin. Mid-thick gel is easy to apply and doesn't leave smudges.
Cover no.4 prevailed on the Canadian market.

Easy Shape Cover - Has a lovely, natural color. Formula of Easy Shape was developed in such a way to reduce application time. With the help of innovative technology, the consistency becomes a still form after modelling - doesn't stream or spread away - no matter the temperature.  It's very fluid with the smallest brush movements.
Easy Shape Cover simplifies the nail extension building.  It's perfect for beginner nail techs to practice.  With the reduced filing time of Easy Shape Cover you can create the perfect forms in the quickest time.

Cover Bling-Bling - it's favourite gel of women who love to shine as the center of attention. The camouflage is of a natural skin color, enriched with multicolor shimmer making it a bestseller by INDIGO for over three years now! Very thick consistency contains a large quantity of multicolour without losing flexibility. Doesn't leave smudges. Our clients call this product "The most beautiful camouflage in the market".