Art Brushes

INDIGO Art Brushes are convenient and practical; a requirement for every stylist. Brushes are made from high quality natural hair and synthetic depending on the product to which they are dedicated.

One INDIGO brush can last for years when you take proper care of your most precious tools. Bristles are elastic, in perfect form and do not bend into sides. Each Nail Technician will find the perfect tool to fit their needs as a Professional Nail Stylist.

Every stylist needs extremely comfortable and convenient brushes for nail art.

  • Nail Art 001 - thin brush with short, natural bristles, perfect for acrylic colours and for precise short lines.
  • Nail Art 002 - thin brush with a short, synthetic bristle, dedicated for gel products. Perfect for precise short lines in nail art.
  • Nail Art 003 - natural, longer bristles, works with ornaments in acrylic colours. Beautiful, long lines won't be a problem anymore!
  • Nail Art 004 - synthetic brush that paints long gel lines evenly. Bristles are easy to move on the nail surface with stylist's movements.