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Argan & Almond Oil

INDIGO after bath oil combines all unique elements of argan oil and sweet almond oil.  This is one of the best in the modern cosmetic field with the addition of INDIGO Perfume.  The scent that lasts on your skin for many long hours.

INDIGO Argan & Almond Oil Collection evens skin tone while moisturizing. It has a high amount of Linolin acid which is a foundation in the functionality of your epidermis by enhancing the hydrolipid barrier of skin.

Almond oil works as a skin elixir of life, preventing against wrinkles.
Perfect after sunbathing. 

INDIGO after bath oil, when used on wet or dry skin, will improve the condition of your skin from the first application. Your skin rediscovers its natural glow and becomes silky smooth.

INDIGO Argan & Almond Oil also works great as a hair serum for a deep, penetrating, conditioner before washing.

Get healthy and good-looking hair at the same time with INDIGO!

Just apply Argan oil on your hair, then massage it in with special care for your ends. Leave it for 10 minutes. Next, rinse it off and wash your hair as normal. After this treatment your hair will be soft and shinning. Lovely fragrance of Indigo perfumes lasts for hours.

You have to find out how irreplaceable Argan Oil by INDIGO is.