Acrylic Powders

Acrylic nails is the ideal solution for stylists who love to work fast . With INDIGO Acrylic your work is done quickly and accurately . You will find:

  • Unrivaled adhesion to the natural nail plate
  • They adhere rapidly and are resistant to crystallization
  • Allows you to build the ideal shape of the nail with evenly distributed weight

You'll be amazed by the strength of the INDIGO Acrylic powders. The client will return with clean, complete nails without blemishes.

Now you can do your work very fast and excellent with help of nail acrylics by Indigo. We guarantee the best adhesion to the natural nail plate on the market. Forget about nail polish bubbles! It's easy in use and application. With the Indigo nail acrylic nail extension will be the easier than ever! Indigo offers you covers, white and basic acrylic.

    Which Basic INDIGO Acrylic should I use?

    • INDIGO Fashion Clear is an absolute base necessity of acrylic methods. With its help you can do your work fast and excellent.  The best adhesion to the natural nail plate on the market. Completely transparent powder is easy to use, easy to file and crystallization resistant. Fine and flexible powder has good adhesion to the natural nail plate. Thanks to INDIGO Fashion Clear it's easier to build perfect acrylic nail shape due to the displacement on the nail plate, form or extended nail. You will be amazed by the durability of Indigo powders.
    • INDIGO Fashion Pink is a delicate pink, perfectly transparent acrylic powder and is wonderful to build your acrylic nail. Fine and flexible powder, easy to use and work with. It has very good adhesion to the natural nail plate. Nails made with Indigo Fashion Pink look fresh and natural. Clients favorite!

    Which INDIGO White Acrylic will be perfect for the French Manicure? 

    • INDIGO Fashion White is a snow white acrylic powder used to make smile lines. Very easy to apply and use. Fine and flexible powder, resistant to crystallization. Unique formula INDIGO Fashion White has a clean, snow white finish that lasts.
    • INDIGO Competition White is an acrylic powder for advanced Technicians in a bright, stark white completion. Quick polymerization decreases your application time making it a must have to use in competitions where every minute is precious. 

    Did you choose your favourite INDIGO Acrylic Camouflage/Cover? 

    • INDIGO Cover No.1 is a natural rose with 90% coverage. Perfect camouflage of nail plate imperfections, giving a healthy/natural look. Fine and flexible powder doesn't crystalize. Piece of cake in your Nail creation.
    • INDIGO Cover No.2 is a peach acrylic camouflage with 80% coverage. Gives nails a delicate and warm shade. Easy in creation, fine and flexible powder. Good adhesion to natural nail plate.
    • INDIGO Cover No.3 is a delicate rose with 80% coverage making it the closest shade of the natural nail plate. Powder is fine, flexible and doesn't crystalize. Very adhesive to natural nail plate. Easy to work with.
    • INDIGO Cover No.4 Glamour is a rose powder with glitter, covering 100%. One of a kind camouflage with a pearl shine. Our preferred offer for french manicure and wedding nails. Perfect alternative for clients who love french manicure but want a bit of pizazz.
    • INDIGO Cover No.5 Bling-Bling is a number one for women who love to shine as the center of attention. Rose acrylic powder enriched with a multicolor glitter to make you dizzy with excitement! It's fine, flexible and has good adhesion to natural nail plate.
    • INDIGO Cover No.6 Natural Chic! is a perfectly covering and highlighting camouflage acrylic. Warm rose shade enriched with shinning sparkles created by Vlada Bulle - Indigo instructor at our training center in Paris. Indigo Cover No.6 is the most popular acrylic camouflage in France!
    • INDIGO Cover No.7 is a rose-peach shade with 100% coverage. Powder is fine, flexible and quick in application. Perfectly matching to the summer tan.