Acrylic Brushes

Indigo Brushes for acrylic method - create perfect shapes.

Each nail stylist knows how important a quality brush is. Acrylic method needs patience, lots of work, precision and years of practice. That's why you have to choose the perfect tool which will make your work quicker and more effective. Secrets of Indigo brushes is hidden in precise creation and great materials. Make perfect shapes and gorgeous nail stylizations with Indigo nails.


Which Indigo brush should I choose?


  • Vlada Bulle Pro Acrylic Brush no.9 - with help of this oval brush you work more economic because doesn't absorb huge amount of monomers. Moreover, its ending doesn't split - it's the most important characteristic of a good brush. It's stiff, elastic and very precise. It improves mass spreading in the cuticles area and smile line modelling of french manicure. Self-constructed brush by Japanese craft artists, especially for Indigo!
  • Indigo Japan Brush Size 9 - The secret of Indigo Japan Brush is a technique of bristle form, known only in Japan, among great and experienced brush crafts. The process of creation of Indigo Japan Brush is a real art. Here every hair has been chosen with a great attention. It allows to apply great quantity of material in a one time - you will feel the difference in the beginning of your work! Long incision of bristile gives maximal control under the acrylic.
  • Indigo Acrylic Brush no.8 Kolinsky Violet - This economic and durable Indigo acrylic brush is recomendded for beginners. Acrylic method brush in a handy 8 size. Bristle 100% Kolinsky, sharp tip doesn't bend on sides, has focused bump, elastic bristle provides comfort of work. It's perfect brush to form short, salon nails.
  • Pro Brush no.2 - cat tongue shape in #2 size - small ending allows you to create complicated and detalic ornaments. The highest quality selected bristle of rust marten and precisely cut line lets you have a control unedr the acrylic. Indigo brushes are 'obedient' to stylists and amazingly help in every day work. Compact closure protects before mechanical damages.